PROM 2019

PROM 2019

A HUGE Thank you to everyone that ordered prom flowers from us so far! We hope that we were able to match each dress/outfit perfectly and helped make your Prom 2019 extra Special! Have fun and stay safe! We grabbed a few shots from posts I saw tonight.... but please post more if you have some we made.... I know they are out there! 💕💐 we are still taking orders for Rock Falls prom! Stop in this week and see us!

Update: Another great weekend for prom- Rock Falls thank you so very much for all your prom orders and support!!!!!! We were happy to make each one to match perfectly with your dresses...... I’m beyond excited to share a few from the weekend- I hope everyone had an amazing time! Thanks again you all looked amazing! Please post yours below- I could only find a few- I love seeing the couples together! 💕💐 

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